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Research has proven that:  

  • ​The ear is the gateway to the brain.

  • High-frequency sound is beneficial for the brain.

  • Complex music builds new brain connections.

  • Left hemisphere stimulation improves brain function.

  • Sound Therapy creates links between many parts of the brain.

Our auditory sense is the most profound of our sensory systems in terms of its influence on brain function and daily performance. Because perception of sound occurs at all three levels of the brain - the brain stem, the midbrain, and the cortex- it affects our functioning more profoundly than we realize.   ...While brain function can be improved through training and education, ....sound stimulation is possibly the more fundamental method.  - Sound Therapy Synergy.

A listening program is a critical part of the Innovative Learning Program.  The reason is because of the ear brain connection. If all has developed well without disruption from environmental, physiological, physical or emotional stress, injury then all components of the ear successfully delivers sound to the many parts of the brain for processing.   The ear is profoundly important to our neural functioning.  Because it works on the brain, many aspects of functioning can be impacted.  Many reports of improvements are in areas of:  stress, energy, sleep, emotions, hearing loss, communication, tinnitus, vertigo, balance and the many developmental and learning challenges children and adults experience today. 


I chose to include Sound Therapy SYNERGY because it is different from other listening programs in that it is :

  • the most affordable Sound Therapy program in the world; it can suit the entire family,

  • it closely follows the principles developed by Dr. Tomatis, the pioneer and original inventor of Sound Therapy, it offers all key aspects of Tomatis' discoveries, including filtered spoken language,

  • it is a portable and easy program to incorporate in what is already part of one's activities of daily living.  

HOW is Sound Therapy incorporated in the Gift of Piano and Innovative Learning?

All nutrition, cognitive training clients as well as piano students are encouraged to use the Sound Therapy program.   However,  the Sound Therapy program can be purchased without being an enrolled student in The Gift of Piano.  I would provide you with guidance throughout your experience with your Sound Therapy program. 

For more information on Sound Therapy Synergy, please visit  You may also contact Mary for a free consultation.


The Family Program - for families with younger and older children and adults.

Foundational program -for teen/adult age.

Bone Conduction Headphones/Program:  added at least one month after listening.  This brings the vibrations of sound directly into the cheekbones with the special bone conduction headphone.  This activates the vestibular system for better body awareness and increased coordination and balance. Integration between the vestibular and auditory systems. 

Advanced Programs:  Emotional Intelligence and Natural Hearing Improvement Series.

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