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Piano Lesson
Playing Piano

Core Curriculum

Adapted for Each Student

The Simply Music Method

The Simply Music Method
with the Gift of Piano Studio

The Gift of Piano has chosen the Simply Music Method for its core curriculum. The structure and mission of this program is simply genius.  It lends itself to all the possibilities a holistic approach in learning has in guiding and unleashing each student's abilities.  

This method is a "playing-based" approach.  This simply means the student is immersed in the language of music immediately.  The music is strategically composed and arranged to develop the skills towards independence in music. Learning does not begin with decoding notes, rhythm or dynamics from the paper.  Learning begins with establishing a physical connection to the instrument, familiarity with terminology, trust in the coach and the coaching, integration of motor and sensory skills and immersion in sound, volume, shapes, patterns, mood, style and tempo of the songs unfolded on the keyboard. Imagine how we learn language and speech - we are born into a world of rhythm, sound, words, tone, mood, all of which we absorb and retain as language naturally and beautifully unfold. Then higher learning in decoding and transfering these clues onto paper can begin as the individual develops.

​The student quickly learns to navigate the keyboard.  Student learns to generate information in various ways including shapes, clues, patterns through all senses: vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, auditory, visual.  As a student climbs up the Foundational Levels, supplemental programs are weaved in including accompaniment, reading rhythm, reading notes.  From the start theory, improvisation and composition are weaved into the student's program adding breadth to the learning and experience.  Also weaved in are outside projects appropriate for the student.  The careful weaving of strands is critical to a student's success.

Upon completion of the Foundational Levels, the student progresses in an even more individualized program utilizing the Developmental Levels of the Simply Music Program alongside appropriate student-specific projects.

The time frame in progressing through the levels depends on many factors specific to each student.  It is not dependent on frequency or duration of practice in between session times though that is important.  More important is the level of the student's engagement and family support in the whole process.  We put time and effort, hard work and joy in what we value and if there is "fun" involved, this process becomes more natural becoming a part of everyday life. 

This natural teaching and learning method creates individuals who can learn music in various ways, improvise on the music and create their own music. 

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