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Piano Sessions for Homeschool &

Charter School Students

Step 1:  contact Ms. Mary via phone or email.

Let's begin by talking on the phone or at least email/text to get an idea of what you are looking for in your musical experience.  At this time we will both have an idea of how and/or when to proceed. If we find that this may be a good fit for your family, we will proceed to step 2.

Step 2: set up interview appointment

Please make a phone appointment with me.  This may require about 15' of your time.  We will then determine if the 2nd appointment via in person for locals or Zoom for remote inquiries. 

Purpose:  It is important to experience a face to face or in person.   This gives me time to interact with you and your student.  There will be piano time.  I will ask lots of questions and hope you do as well. 

It will be determined if this is a right fit. You will be asked to follow up  via email or phone call after your family has made a final decision for enrollment and we proceed as appropriate, with scheduling.  I ask that the final decision not be made at time of the meeting.

step 3:  Scheduling & Tuition.

Enrollment is by semester (3 months at a time) basis following Blue Ridge Academy's school calendar year. Student Home Materials (SHMs) are responsibility of the family and may not be covered by Blue Ridge's educational funds.  Others:  Tuition is due first week of each month to cover that month.  

ATTN:  Blue Ridge Academy inquiries: 
Student Home Materials and other required or recommended materials may not be covered by your educational funds. 
Services through the Gift of Piano Studio for Blue Ridge Academy students are only for remote piano sessions and requires interviews. 
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