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Mary S. Vita-Catama
Licensed Occupational Therapist, Licensed Simply Music Teacher, Nutrition Coach

Your gut is your other Brain.  Cleanse it and you cleanse your brain.  Take care of it and health comes.  Then opportunities abound.

I believe I have a dynamic and beneficial system in teaching the individual of any age the language of music.  I believe I have chosen a modality in Interactive Metronome (IM) and the curriculum in Simply Music (SM) and the cognitive training methods with Equipping Minds that allow effective and holistic learning.  Life experiences and the passion to meet each individual where they are to empower growth is what can set one teacher or coach apart from another.  Because it is this that I share and because it is this that I desire for any family/individual that comes, I cannot withhold my belief and knowledge and experience in health and nutrition.  Ultimately, it is the individual's choice.  However, I have a personal obligation to at the very least inform you of the critical importance of addressing your health holistically.


Thus, as part of the integrative Occupational Therapy (OT) program and system,  a healthy lifestyle consultation is required. Coaching through this aspect of the Program will take varying forms depending on the need of the individual and the individual's support network and financial resources.

Each Program, however, begins with the option to enroll and commit to a 30 day minimum Nutritional Cleanse Program individualized for him/her and the family. Upon 30 days, the individual undergoing the 30 day program will experience life changing results in not only weight and inches lost, but signs of increased balance manifesting in better sleep, increased clarity and positive thinking and energy.  Other areas to be addressed is discussed individually and can involve exercise and movement programs, daily activity schedules and plan, journaling, reading and referrals to other practitioners and modalities. 

Without addressing the miraculous and magnificent ability of the body to reboot given the right program cleansing and nourishing, any modality or program may show only temporary or surfaced gains.  Start with the core in any area, and you will experience remarkable and sustainable changes.  Come with an open mind and a decided heart, and these changes will empower your life and all those around you.  

30 Day Nutritional Cleanse General Info:  This partly includes not only "clean" (non GMO and mostly organic) food and ingredient choices and beneficial structuring of meals, vegan protein shake meal 2x/day.  Movement and exercise at the appropriate time for the individual.  Education in grocery shopping and food prep. 

This service is a separate service and is part of specific cognitive training and occupational therapy sessions.  Make an appointment for "Coaching for Nutritional Cleanse."

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