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Piano Keys

  Playing to Learn

Mrs. Mary


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The piano is a unique instrument.  This is why it the chosen modality to discover self.  Keeping this experience limited to reading music and demonstrating success at lesson and occasional recitals limit the experience significantly and most often can lead to only one likely false discovery that it “may not be for you.” As one parent puts it, "The Gift of Piano is more than just piano lessons".

One's desire to play the piano typically roots from the desire to generate music from within.  That’s a form of self-discovery which is complex involving self expression, acceptance, determination, humility and trust.  To discover the possibility of music as a powerful tool in one’s self-discovery, the experience must be multi-sensory and unfolded uniquely for each person. To manifest self discovery and expression, one must come with not only a desire but the willingness to experience the journey…. 

Gift of Piano believes that playing the piano is an opportunity for all:  5 to 95; those with special challenges neurologically, physically, emotionally; those who have experience with other instruments and those without; those who believe they have no rhythm and those confident that they are gifted. 

As a licensed occupational therapist, wellness coach, licensed Simply Music piano teacher and mom to 4 sons, two with special neurological challenges, Mary is passionate about empowering her students & clients through a holistic approach involving continuous and dynamic assessment, lesson planning, and conversation to create individualized, dynamic and positive learning involving not only the student but the students’ significant others.

With the desire to grow as a person and with the love of music, the Gift of Piano will find the way to bring those desires to life with a natural, dynamic, positive, whole-person approach no matter where you are in your life.  

It's not just piano lessons....

It is equipping your brain to process and generate new information so you can express and share.  Using the piano as a tool to empower one's well being is simply a gift. 

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